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Toy joy lubrificante a basa acquosa formato pocket 30 ml.

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Toy Joy da 30 ml è un lubrificante a base acquosa in versione pocket comodo da portare con sè in borsetta o durante un viaggio.

Adatto all'utilizzo di qualsiasi sex toy, è una crema lubrificante di alta qualità.

The TOYJOY Drugstore Water Based Lubricant is an essential choice in sexual wellness for all your consumers. The smooth, high-quality lube is made of premium, water based ingredients to ensure an amazing long-lasting glide and plenty of slippery fun! The Water Based Lubricant is 100% safe to use in combination with any type of toy material (including silicone). It comes in a sleek, non-intimidating packaging; perfect for mainstream in-store presentation. The TOYJOY Drugstore collection is affordable, high-quality, trendy and contemporary: making it the perfect TOYJOY up-sell items for your fun-loving 21st century consumers!

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